2020 Best Money-Saving Hacks on Amazon India


    I am a big fan of buying products online. Be it grocery, cosmetics, electronic gadgets, home appliances, furniture, laptop or anything else, my first go-to place is Amazon.

    I get to see the variety that I will generally not find in a retail store and I have always saved money buying it online vs. buying it from a retail store. In addition to that, I get peace of mind, just in case anything goes wrong. Amazon is 100% customer friendly and if the product has anything wrong with it, you are sure to get it replaced or refunded.

    A few months back I had placed an order of undergarments with them. However, I received a product that was different from what I ordered.

    I raised a request for a replacement. Within a few hours, I got a call from the customer service department, asking for the concern. When I explained, they simply refunded my money and said that I can keep the product too. Can you beat that?

    Now I am not sure if this was because of my buying pattern or something else, but I realized that the products of the non-replacement category are not taken back from the customers.

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    Money-Saving Hacks on Amazon India

    Today I am going to share my best money-saving hacks on Amazon India to save a lot of money that you might be missing on. If you use these hacks you may save thousands of rupees that you might be losing right now while shopping at Amazon India.

    Time to share my best money-saving hacks on Amazon India.

    1. Get Prime Membership

    Spending ₹999 to buy prime membership will be one of your best investments. With prime membership you will enjoy free delivery, access to deals exclusively for Prime members, early access to lightning deals, unlimited video streaming, unlimited music streaming, and prime shopping just for prime members.

    In the last 6 months just on the free delivery, I have saved ₹1,130 and now the rest of the services cost me nothing, plus I still have 6 more months to go.

    With prime membership, you get speedy delivery services which otherwise will cost high to you. Also, you don’t have to buy a minimum order of ₹599 to avail of the free delivery otherwise.

    If you are fond of movies, you will love their unlimited access to videos. Watch movies and TV shows and pay nothing for it. Sounds good?

    I am a big fan of music. Downloading songs is now old fashioned. I simply plug into Amazon Prime Music and stream songs of my choice.

    The early access to lightning deals and exclusive prime member day adds added advantage to be the first one to buy products at a discounted rate. Not always but I have noticed some products have limited quantity and they just vanish on the prime exclusive day only.

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    2. Amazon Free Delivery

    Just in case you are not a prime member then the other option you might choose is to place an order of more than ₹599 and get free delivery. If your cart value is less than ₹599 then you will see delivery charges added to your cart.

    Instead of paying delivery charges, I would rather find a product that is regular at my home and add it to my cart to make my cart value more than ₹599 and get rid of shipping charges. Instead of paying shipping charges, get a product. What say?

    3. Amazon Gift Card

    Just like me, I am sure you all struggled to find the right gift for your loved ones on their special occasion. If you didn’t then you are exceptional.

    For me, it has always been a big struggle to decide what to gift to my friend on their special day. And one fine day I decided to gift one of my friends an Amazon Gift Card instead of a gift.

    My friend was happy that he got the choice to buy whatever he likes. I was saved in not buying a gift which eventually he might not have liked or was of no use to him. And in addition to that, I got 10% (max 100) cashback as soon as he used the gift card and made his purchase. Now that’s like “Sone Pe Suhaga”.

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    4. Amazon Pay

    Traditionally we would use a credit card or debit card when we make an online purchase. Prefer using Amazon Pay instead. In most cases paying via Amazon pay will get you a cashback of up to 10%.

    Pay your utility bills via Amazon Pay and get cashback on them too.

    5. Use Credit Card on Amazon

    I know some people just don’t use a credit card, but I am a big fan of using a credit card for shopping. I get reward points on spend and great deals on Amazon.

    From time to time Amazon offers great cashback offers on Citibank, HDFC, SBI, and ICICI. I have all four of them with me.

    6. Amazon Great Indian Festival Sale

    It’s worth to wait for this sale if you can. I especially wait for this sale for my high ticket item purchase. For example, I was looking forward to buying a washing machine. I knew that I will get the best price during the Great Indian Sale.

    So I waited for the Great Indian Festival Sale that came during Diwali. And as expected. I got a discounted price (₹1000 less than the regular offer of Amazon) along with a 10% cashback on my Citibank credit card.

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    7. Bonus Trick

    Most of the times I will add the product that I want to buy on my Amazon wish list. I get notified as soon as there is a change in the product price. When I see a drop in the price of the products on my wish list, I know it’s the right time to buy them.

    I have shared my amazon hacks with you. Apply these hacks in your buying pattern and you will love the money you will save because of these hacks.

    After all, who doesn’t like to save money? If there is a money-saving hack on Amazon India that you know, which I have not covered, share it in the comment box.


    1. Hey Amit,
      Likewise i am a bug online shopper. And my most favorite is Amazon India. I shop almost everything, be it my grocery, my bakjng equipments, my phone or even my tv. And yes the hacks that you mentioned is already been followed by me, and i avail all the benefits.
      Thank you so much for putting them in to wirds. Appreciate it.


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